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The University of Oklahoma Brand GuideThe University of OklahomaThe University of Oklahoma Brand Guide

Interlocking OU Logo

The interlocking OU is the preferred mark used to represent OU. There are three options available for the primary logo. These three primary logos can be used interchangeably, and they should be used in strict adherence with the identity guidelines in this manual.

OU Logo Color Variations

The interlocking OU can be reproduced in Oklahoma Crimson, Oklahoma Cream, black, white, or their process color equivalents. It is greatly preferred that the Oklahoma Crimson versions of the interlocking OU be used whenever possible. If this is not possible, then the interlocking OU should be reproduced in all black or in all white. The interlocking OU may also be reproduced in fashion colors for licensed merchandise with approval from the licensing department.

Crimson Version

OU interlocking logo

Black Version

OU interlocking logo

White Version

OU interlocking logo